Welcome Course 1 Students!

As a Healing Touch Student, there is a wealth of information available on the web.  Here are a few links I found useful in my journey. 

Here are some Course 1 Resource Links: 

General Information
HBB Fact Sheet for Nurses - Healing Touch Resource for Nurses Excellent resource for nurses.
HBB Membership Flyer - HT Student Discount HBB students - get your first year at half-price!  Details here!
Discover Magazine Grappling With the Science of Touch-Based Healing Practices  One person's personal experience with Energy Therapy.
HBB  Joel Anderson's Chakra Connection Chart Handy diagram to help remember steps in Chakra Connection.
Local Enhancing Life Through Energy Therapy Guide This guide helps you through using the supplemental textbook.
HBB Course 1 Student Syllabus
Course 1 Student Suggested Agenda
Both items combined in one sheet. These were probably split into two sheets in the class.
Local Biofields and Chakras "Vortices and Energy Fields" Poster Used in Class.
Local Assessment of Energy Field - Pendulum - Chakras Refresher discussion.
Local Chakra Connection on Self Printed walkthough of doing a Chakra Connection on yourself. 
Local Post Class Tidbits FAQs from classes and general discussion points.


Course 1 Class Files 
Local Cathy Gurnee Bio / Welcome Letter Latest Edition
Local Course 1 Class Agenda  
HBB Appreciative Inquiry  


Preparation for Course 2:
HBB Book Reading List 100+  Books to choose from for your Certification
HBB  Certification as a Practitioner HBB Certification Information and Process
HBB  Additional Resources Lots of Information from Healing Beyond Borders