Frequently Asked Questions on Remote/Distance Healing Touch Sessions

What is a remote/distance Healing Touch session?

It is a Healing Touch session done with the client in one location and the practitioner in another.
The distance can be small or great. Stretching beyond the limits of time and space, distance healing allows energy healing to reach you no matter where you are.

Does it really work?

Yes! I have a fair number of clients that I work with remotely, some have never had an in-person session! Clients in a remote/distance session have experienced stress and pain reduction similar to what is experienced during an in-person session.

What do I do during a remote session?

That is really up to you. I highly suggest that you do something that puts you in a mindset to receive the healing. Resting is my favorite thing to do as a recipient. I also have taken a walk during a session. Most of my clients prefer to be resting, but some enjoy walking/hiking or reading during a session. Even eating or watching TV is ok, just nothing stressful or violent.

What will I experience during a remote session?

You may feel the energy moving and/or you may feel relaxed, or you may feel nothing. Some of that depends on what you’re doing at the time - if you are sitting or lying quietly, you may feel warmth and/or feel the energy move, as you are not distracted by other things. I have a client that said once he stopped concentrating on trying to feel something, and just relaxed, he felt very calm, as if in meditation. During my first remote session as a recipient, I was walking and felt nothing right away. As soon as I stopped walking, I realized that I was no longer anxious, and was filled with incredible JOY! Now, I either sit or lie down while receiving a remote session. I always feel very relaxed during, and lighter, more joyful, afterward. I have felt warmth and/or tingling sensation in areas where the practitioner has been working (verified post session).

Here are just a few comments from clients:

  • “I felt like my mind slowed down so that I could take in what was around me.”
  • “I could feel some tingling & warmth in my left hip.”
  • “I felt warming sensations over my back.”
  • “There was a light tingly sensation in my arms and legs.”
  • “I was SUPER relaxed.”
  • “I literally felt the pain [from my knee] flowing down my leg and out my foot.”
  • “Peace. For the first time in a long time, such peace.”
  • “Profound joy.”
  • “I was able to relax enough to (finally) sleep.”
  • “I sensed the presence of [my loved one] and felt love like I hadn’t in years.”
  • “OMG! My right shoulder and neck feel so much better today!!!! I actually got some sleep last night! Also my back is doing better
    as well!!!”
  • “I didn’t feel anything at the back of my neck [where the surgery had been], but I did feel buzzing in the front during the session.”
  • “I feel like I just got a massage!”
  • “What you did for me positively impacted my healing since my surgery.”
  • “Absolutely nothing.”  (Although this client did respond later that she felt more restful than she has in months.)

How does it work?

Short answer? Intention.

Here’s my best shot at the answer (taken from a number of sources):
Have you ever been thinking about someone when the phone rings and it was that person? Or experienced deja vu? Or felt someone staring at you and turned to find that, indeed, they were? “According to quantum physics, we are part of a vast, invisible field of energy, which contains all possible realities and responds to our thoughts and our feelings. Think about it―every physical thing in our life is not solid matter but rather, fields of energy or frequency patterns of information. Every human being, along with every material thing in the Universe, broadcast a distinct energy pattern, and this energy carries information. Quantum Entanglement Theory states that all humans and the quantum field are interconnected.”

Science seems to be revealing that space or "distance" between objects is actually not as separate as may seem. Though we experience things as being separate from us, this is merely a perception of our limited belief in the illusion that time and space are fixed. In remote/distance healing, energy is "sent" by the practitioner across time and space and is “received” and has a healing effect on the recipient. In reality the energy does not "travel" anywhere. It is simply "sent" and “received" by intention alone and is instantly "transmitted".